Ayşe Polat

Ayşe Polat is a PhD student at the History Faculty, University of Cambridge. Her research explores on networks of people smuggling and trafficking in late 19th century Beirut and Alexandria. Her academic interests and existential willies comprise urban politics, labor history, and the invention of immigration in the long 20th century.

Aesthetics and Politics of Distraction: A Conversation with Geeta Patel

Geeta Patel is a Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Virginia. Her work is informed by translation theory, gender and sexuality studies, diaspora and subaltern historiography, and the history of science. On June 14th, 2018, Professor Patel gave a talk, titled, 'In Theory/In Deed: Radical Philosophy in Action', which was co-hosted by Critical Theory and Practice, and Cambridge University and College Union. KR editor Ayşe Polat met with her the following day, to discuss the possibilities of radical action in distraction, moving from her own experience organising in Sri Lanka.