Charlie Artingstoll

Charlie Artingstoll graduated in politics from Kings College in 2014. He then moved to Yangon, Myanmar, where he worked for the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime on Alternative Development projects, and Save the Children on Urban Microfinance, before taking his current position at BRAC, the Bangladeshi poverty NGO.

The peacock has landed

The Peacock has landed. Today it was announced that Aung San Suu Kyi and her party have won a landslide victory in Myanmar’s recent elections. However, throughout her election campaign she has repeatedly downplayed the issue of the persecution of ethnic Muslims in the western state of Rakhine, and growing Islamophobia in the country. While – rightly or wrongly – this can be explained by political expediency, what is important is that the she and the party realize the power they have to reform the people of Myanmar’s views on the issue, and therefore the great potential they have to stop further suffering.