Chelsea Gleason

Chelsea Gleason is a writer living and working in Baltimore. She is a worker-owner at Red Emma's coffeehouse and bookstore where she makes mega nachos for people, orders feminist fiction, helps organize the Baltimore Free School, and facilitates a Creative Writing workshop. She is a graduate of Barnard College with a degree in Urban Studies. She can be contacted at for inquires about her work.

Outsiders and Insiders: Reinventing Solidarity in the Baltimore Uprising

This article examines the role of solidarity politics in the recent Baltimore Uprising, sparked by the death of Freddie Grey. Drawing from both on the ground observation and lessons from past social movements, the complexities of interracial solidarity and the role of 'outsiders', whether by racial identity or place of origin, is explored. From this exploration, a call for new visions of solidarity which challenge power dynamics and consciously unite intersecting struggles emerges.