Dave Birch

David G.W. Birch is Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion, a technology consultancy specializing in secure electronic transactions. Before helping to found the company in 1986, he spent several years as a information technology consultant living and working in Europe, the Far East and North America. His most recent book, “Identity is the New Money”, was published by LPP in 2014. You can reach him via mail and follow him on Twitter @dgwbirch and LinkedIn.

Money is a technology (II)

Threading together the push of technology, the pull of society and business forces to fashion a narrative about the future of money brings us away from an undeniably utopian Star Trek version and towards a richer and more complex (although not necessarily dystopian) view of the money that we will be using in the future. If we will be using money at all, that is, argues Dave Birch in the second installment of his article on the technological future of money.

Money is a technology (I)

Is technology going to drive money to a utopia or a dystopia? While technology is first about tools and not about how society chooses to utilize them it can create a direction of travel and nudge society along, however. Given the current direction —broadly towards decentralization, distribution and an overall lessening of state power—Dave Birch is inspired by social anthropology and the study of “paleofutures” to make an informed and surprising prediction.