Eric Lybeck

Eric Royal Lybeck is an historical sociologist and theorist from the University of Cambridge. His dissertation research covered the history of universities, law and social science since 1800 in Germany and America. While he is now working at Exeter University, he tweets at @EricRoyalLybeck..

Neoliberalism, 1979-2008

Occupy LSE recently protested the neoliberal university. But, what does ‘neoliberalism’ actually mean? Eric Lybeck suggests the term denotes an historical epoch which is nearly over. Bankers are more often trained in business schools than advanced economic science, which is itself undergoing curricular change as we speak. Further criticism of neoliberalism is therefore unnecessary. Instead, we should focus on the intellectual incoherence of evolutionary psychology and behavioural economics which is the wave of the future.

We Want Free Higher Education: What Our Parents Had

Eric Lybeck sympathizes with the thousands of students who are going to be on the streets of London today protesting for 'Free Education'. While declining public funding for universities and student debt are serious problems, Lybeck argues that the root of the injustice is not that wealth defines who can go to university or that working class students suffer over proportionately from paying back the debt. For him, the problem is that future generations will have to pay for what we think is a collective good.