Georgina Parfitt

Georgina Parfitt is a writer and editor based in the UK but currently wandering around America. You can find her features and fiction at The Atlantic online, The Harvard Advocate, Quadrapheme Magazine, and forthcoming in Unthank Books' Unthology Number 6.

You’ll find Virginia in the City. A review of Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision at The National Portrait Gallery

Georgina Parfitt visits the National Portrait Gallery in London to review Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision, a collection of artifacts that tell the story of Virginia's life, from photographs of her as a baby to the original suicide letters she wrote to Leonard Woolf and Vanessa Bell in 1941. How did Woolf's love of the energy of the city and her perception of her own persona, within this tumult of life that she loved so ardently, change through time?