Tobias Haeusermann

Tobias Haeusermann finished his Ph.D. in Sociology at King’s College, Cambridge. He is now working at the Health Ethics and Policy Lab in Zurich.

Youthful Indiscretions

Tobias Haeusermann argues that by dispelling all the stereotypes of ageing we risk falling into the normative and crippling positive ageing trap. Rather than neutering old age for mass consumption, we ought to look at how stigmatisation and exclusion occurs within the cohesively imagined group of the elderly. And the only way we can release old age from its negative and normative straightjacket, is by becoming aware of how we, the old, are the makers of our own misery.

What’s food got to do with it?

The bulk of most nutritional science is methodologically flawed and yet continues to cause many unnecessary anxieties about our food consumption. Tobias Haeusermann argues that it is time that we shift our attention to the socioeconomic conditions that give rise to different food habits, and the privilege required to "eat well".

Careful: Do touch

Historically, the dominant paradigm of care has been providing acute for infectious diseases, rather than chronic treatments. Yet in light of the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses, care is becoming a more and more long-winded affair. It offers the most intimate insights into human nature: its lows, its highs, its errors, its embarrassments, and its inspiration. “But how can intimacy and care be combined?” asks Tobias Haeusermann, and illustrates how simultaneously maintaining empathy and professionalism means walking a thin and fragile line.

Black Legends of the Fallen

Some legends stick like magnets to our minds and blur the lines between what is, and is not. When in crisis, this can have detrimental effects. How will we perceive Spain’s economic crisis in the future? Will we see Spain as an overblown and excessive public spender that had to be put in its place? While Spain’s condition has various roots, none of them grew from overblown public expenditures or labour protection. A call to leave the legends to the tourist guides and take a closer look at the young democracy.

A Salary for Living

The recent proposal to institute a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Switzerland may turn out to be a short-lived experiment, but it raises important questions about human needs, social justice and how to attend to them.

Of Fat Cats and a Barking Public

Precisely one month ago, on March 3rd, Swiss voters backed a proposal to enforce some of the world's strictest regulations on executive pay. In a society where obesity is the most common result of malnutrition, citizens seem to have realised that the fat cats sitting on the boards of Swiss companies embraced gluttony in a deregulated market—and a diet is in order.