Jens Wiechers, J. Amadeus Waltz, Manouchehr Shamsrizi

Jens Wiechers is a data scientist who studied computer science, communication, economics and political science at the University of Cologne, Zeppelin University and Harvard University. J. Amadeus Waltz is a Ph.D. candidate and has studied law at Bucerius Law School and the University of Cambridge (Gonville & Caius College). Manouchehr Shamsrizi, FRSA, is currently an honorary member of Peterhouse MCR (Cambridge) and was a Global Justice Fellow at Yale. He studied political science and sociology at Zeppelin University. They are the Members of the Board of Kryptos, an international interdisciplinary think tank based in Germany and affiliated with the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Initiative, the Grameen Creative Lab and Sandbox Network.

The Advent of Cryptocurrencies: A Reason to Rethink Currency in the 21st Century

Cryptocurrencies are another step in the evolution of a society in which mathematics and cryptography can replace or augment traditional trust-based centralized infrastructure in financial services and monetary politics. While flawed, they can serve as a catalyst for an important debate of the future of currency. Related: read Johannes Lenhard's analysis of alternative currencies.