James Waddell

James Waddell is a journalist, writing about books, art and theatre for The Economist and elsewhere. He holds an MPhil in Renaissance Literature from the University of Cambridge, having defected from Oxford, where he read English and edited The Isis. He tweets at @james_waddell

Perpetual screaming: An interview with Simon Jenkins

Sir Simon Jenkins is aptly described as a journalistic veteran. The depth of his experience merits the term: among other roles, Jenkins has served as editor of the Evening Standard and political editor of The Economist, and is now a columnist for the Guardian. The word also conveys, though, the combative and campaigning character of much of Jenkins’ work. Without apparent partisan prejudice, Jenkins has fought on countless political battlefields, becoming known to some as a reformist crusader, and to others as a “professional miserabilist”. James Waddell paid a visit to Jenkins’ West London home to make up his own mind.

‘Crossing’: A new film portrays the harsh journey for a safe abortion

  Today, Irish voters go to the polls to vote in a referendum that could end the country’s constitutional ban on abortion. Every day, at least 10 women and girls are forced to travel from Ireland to England to access a safe and legal procedure. The cost, stigma, and stress of the journey across the Irish sea can make it a gruelling experience, adding to the complexities of terminating a […]