Doreen Massey introduced by Nikita Simpson

The late Doreen Massey was a British sociologist and geographer with a focus on globalisation, marxist and feminist geography. Her last post was Emeritus Professor at the Open University. She passed away on March 11th this year. Nikita Simpson is a graduate of King's College Cambridge where she read anthropology. Her research is in women's empowerment, eHealth and new economics. She tweets as @NiksSimpson.)

Vocabularies of the Economy

On April 24, 2013, the founding editors of the new left journal Soundings launched The Kilburn Manifesto, a challenge to ‘neoliberal victory’ in London. A response to the Global Financial Crisis, the manifesto was a call to action - a call for the left to disrupt the ubiquity of the status quo and to invent an alternative. In the wake the recent passing of Doreen Massey, one of the founding editors, we re-publish one of the classic articles that came as part of this movement - Massey’s meditation on the way in which the cant of neoliberalism has cemented the economic paradigm.