Natalie Morningstar

Natalie Morningstar is a PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. Her research explores contestations over public space in the 'late capitalist' urban landscape, as well as the relationship between independent art, radical politics, and speculative development.

Feminist Visions in “The Handmaiden” and “The Beguiled”

This piece explores the critical consequences of popular feminist imaginaries in the current #MeToo climate. Through a comparative film review of The Beguiled and The Handmaiden, it asks what we achieve by entertaining multiple feminisms, and questions whether a politics of representation makes space for ideological contestation in contemporary popular media.

Hipster Post-Factualism and the Rise of the Extremely Real

While the left-leaning media bemoan the rise of a "post-truth" political culture, might not the left wing be just as easy to caricature as "post-factualist" as is the right? Natalie Morningstar examines the figure of the hipster, as liberal consumer par excellence, and argues that a moralising language of truth and reality – of factualism – spans the full breadth of the political spectrum.