Raffaella Taylor-Seymour

Raffaella Taylor-Seymour is a third year undergraduate student in Social Anthropology at King's College, Cambridge. She has undertaken fieldwork in Zimbabwe and is interested in the study of development, entrepreneurship and the aspirations of young people.

On the loss of a mother

In an unflinching account, Raffaella Taylor-Seymour traces her mother’s life and death and the insight it has generated. She unpicks the expectations surrounding bereavement, both from ourselves and others, in the hope of breaking the silence that shrouds death.

An interview with Michael Herzfeld: Cryptocolonialism, the responsibility of the social sciences and Europe

Last week Raffaella Taylor-Seymour and KR editor Johannes Lenhard had the chance to interview Professor Michael Herzfeld, Ernest E. Monrad Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University. The three talked about what Herzfeld describes as ‘cryptocolonialism’, the public responsibility of the social sciences, economists as the Azande diviners of our times, and neoliberalism in Europe.