Roseanna Webster and Libby Rainey

Roseanna Webster is an editor for King’s Review. She lives in Cambridge, where she is undertaking a PhD in history with a focus on women in the Spanish transition to democracy. Libby Rainey is an editor for King’s Review. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in literature at the University of Cambridge, where she studies Virginia Woolf’s life and writings in tandem with the history and development of female education in England.

International Women’s Day: Female Consciousness

This week, on the 8th of March, thousands will renounce their daily demands to strike for International Women’s Day. Women are calling upon women to act, or not act, in any way they can: to 'put a broom outside the front door or a banner in the window; bang pots and pans, change your facebook profile to the image of the Strike, refuse to do the washing up or the shopping, charge double for sex work'.