Sarah Stein Lubrano

Sarah Stein Lubrano just finished her MPhil in Intellectual History in Cambridge. Her research looks into feminism, sexual politics, and psychological theory in turn-of-the-century Germany.

Pro-sex, and anti-prison, but what about kink?

This June, Gay Shame, a radical queer anti-assimilation group, led a protest against a prison-themed kink party. They say they are ‘Pro-sex and anti-prison’ but neither they nor their opponents have a clear sense of what to say about kink itself.

Deirdre Bair, Simone de Beauvoir, and The Undivided Woman

Simone de Beauvoir is famous for her work on feminism, but Deidre Bair’s biography suggests that de Beauvoir’s relationship with philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre was fraught with jealousy and self-sacrifice. Sarah Stein Lubrano writes that we shouldn’t be surprised.