Tanya Zaharchenko

Tanya Zaharchenko (BA Bard College 2003 – MSc University of Oxford 2007 – PhD University of Cambridge 2014) is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ukrainian studies at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her book, "Where Currents Meet: Frontiers in Post-Soviet Fiction of Kharkiv, Ukraine," was published in 2016 by Central European University Press. She blogs at http://memoryidentity.wordpress.com. This piece is a result of research conducted as part of her 2015 Albert Einstein Fellowship at the Einstein Forum in Germany.

Of Murder and Memory: An Unfinished Story from Post-War Ukraine

“I didn’t find who attacked my great-grandfather with an axe. But I think I learned who didn’t." History bleeds into the present in Tanya Zaharchenko's investigation of her family history in Ukraine's eastern town of Kharkiv, replete with axe-wielding criminals, chandelier-adorned mansions, and a long-unsolved assassination.

A Ukrainian Thesaurus in Russian

Today, the intricate relationship between Russia and Ukraine is, as ever, decisive for the future of this part of the world. And, as ever, it remains largely simplified as either antagonistic or fraternal. Russian‐speakers in Ukraine effectively topple this dichotomy, Tanya Zaharchenko argues.