Don’t apologize for anything, don’t obscure anything, look & tell how it really is – but you must see something that sheds a new light on the facts.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value

We are looking for writing that blends academic rigour with the accessibility of good journalism. We would recommend that you read a few of the articles we have published previously to get a sense of the kind of writing we’re looking for. Submissions should approach issues from an original angle not already explored by the mainstream media.

There are two ways to contribute to us: you can answer our current call for submissions, with either an abstract or a full article draft addressing the forthcoming theme, or you can pitch to us an original piece on any topic of general interest. N.b.: Only pieces which in some way address the current theme will be selected for print publication, though all others will be considered for the website.

Send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Current call for Submissions:

There are two stages to the review process following your submission. These are necessary to ensure that we maintain standards of academic rigour, but they will also prevent unnecessary work on your part.

1. Initial Editorial Review:

After you email us at with a paragraph telling us what you would like to write or with your full piece attached, our editorial board will consider your proposal at our monthly meeting. We will aim to get back to you within a maximum of four weeks, and we respond to all pitches and submissions. We may want to know more about your idea or make suggestions about your approach before we continue the process, or, if we do not wish to run the piece, we will let you know why not.

2. Peer Review:

Once we accept your article for review we will send it to two people: one member of our editorial board and one specialist in your field. Our list of reviewers contains more than 100 names, all of whom are dedicated researchers and writers. You will then receive detailed in-text comments and corrections, and we will discuss a timeframe within which you might finalise the piece. Once you return it to us, our editors will finally proofread it, and we will then notify you of its publication.